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Lirik Lagu Nasi Padang

Lirik Lagu Nasi Padang

I still remember when i tasted you
I wouldn’t believe that is good be true
It was the first time in my life

And if you a human,
I would make you my wife

Nasi Padang 5x

It’s the best thing you will love the taste
If you never tasted
It’s a big this grace
I’m a biggest fan
Just remember one thing
You may to food with your hand

Nasi Padang 5x

If I’m closing my eyes
I feel the taste on my lips
I can feel the kobokan on my fingertip
And I really thing your silly
If you leaned the table without tasted the chili
Nasi Padang 5x

I like it like a bee likes honey
I like it like everyone likes money
I like it like the kids like their bunny
I like it if is rainy or sunny

Replay again

I like it like…

Nasi Padang 11x


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